Alan Mulally's Challenges at Ford Motor Company

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Strengthening Our Roots in

Innovation & Integration


A part of the O P Jindal group, JSL Limited (formerly Jindal Stainless Ltd.) is India's largest and the only fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturer. JSL has grown from an indigenous single-unit Stainless Steel plant in Hisar, Haryana, to the present multi-location and multi-product conglomerate. JSL is a globally recognized producer of Stainless Steel flat products in Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic and Duplex grades. The product range includes Ferro Alloys, Stainless Steel Slabs & Blooms, Hot Rolled Coils, Plates, Cold Rolled Coils and specialty products such as razor blade steel, precision strips and coin blanks. JSL has initiated strategic growth plans in both domestic and international markets and has made investments towards capacity expansions through forward and backward integration. Driven by its focus on sustained growth & value addition in its products and services, JSL has led the way with continuous innovation. In addition to its Stainless Steel manufacturing facility, JSL has established an extensive distribution network through its service centers and warehouses. With its well established distribution network in both Domestic and Overseas markets, JSL is well equipped to serve its customers from its Stainless Steel manufacturing facilities at Hisar and Orissa.

JSL’s Stainless Steel capacity after full expansion at Orissa will be about

2.5million tons per annum

JSL Limited

JSL Hisar ------------------------------------- 04 Stainless Steel Making -------------------------------Hot Rolling --------------------------------------------Cold Rolling -------------------------------------------05 06 07

Captive Power Plant --------------------------------------15 Stainless Steel Complex ------------------------------- 16 Stainless Steel Industrial Park-------------------------- 17 Process Flow -------------------------------------------- 18 JSL Indonesia -------------------------------- 20 JSL Service Centres -------------------------- 21 Spain ---------------------------------------------------- 21 India------------------------------------------------------ 22

Speciality Products ------------------------------------- 08 Process Flow -------------------------------------------- 10 JSL Orissa ----------------------------------- 12 Ferro Alloys ----------------------------------------------- 14 Coke Oven ----------------------------------------------- 14

JSL Plant, Orissa
Research & Development ------------------- 24 Quality Assurance -------------------------Human Resource --------------------------Corporate Social Responsibility -----------25 26 27 arc ------------------------------------------art d’ inox ----------------------------------36 37

Applications --------------------------------- 38 JSL Network --------------------------------- 40

JSL Products --------------------------------- 28 Specifications ------------------------------------------- 30 Chrome Manganese ----------------------------------- 34 Krome 16+---------------------------------------------- 35


JSL Hisar




JSL Hisar, a name synonymous with unparalleled quality and decades old industry reputation, is India’s only fully integrated Stainless Steel plant that manufacturers world class Stainless Steel flat products across all grades. Equipped with its own advance R&D facilities and an exclusive complex for razor & surgical blades and a coin blanking line, the plant has a largest capacity of Stainless Steel in India.







The state-of-art Melt & Casting Shops have an installed capacity of

720,000 tons per annum

Equipment Electric Arc Furnace AOD Convertor VOD

No. 02 02 01

45MT & 40MT 50MT each 50MT




JSL Hisar

JSL Hisar




Hot Rolling Complex comprises of 4-Hi Twin Stand Hot Steckel Mill and...
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