Alamo Drafthouse

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Question 4. The entrepreneurs could increase profitability through segmenting their target market to increase profitability POSSIBLY Increase ticket prices
Advertise to local businesses “work night outs”
Network with more people and with local businesses as WORD OF MOUTH is very important PNC (personal network connection) Have arcades “games area” for younger audiences
Start theatre clubs where Tim and Carrie can have group discussions “member ship fee” increase personal relationships Increase customer loyalty through yearly passes
Possibly sort out a car park for people who have to
EMAIL CUSTOMERS latest deals
Start doing exit interviews for customers to see what the age gap is and find their personal opinions, or USE technology and email all of these customers surveys and see the general ages and genres of these customers BUILD a database

To attract the audience they want they want to appeal to they can get a local census and post these people information on films they may be interested in Develop a marketing plan/hire a marketing team with clear objectives and strategies to target more consumers At point of sales offer more products (food, another film)

Introduce the live music again which generated profit for their first failing business QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS include surveys, questionnaires etc.

“Manufacturing strategy is viewed as the effective use of manufacturing strengths as a competitive weapon for the achievement of business and corporate goals”

Brown, S. et al (2005) Strategic Operations Management. 2nd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-heinemann.

Winning customers in the marketplace:
Identify the service qualifiers
Winners and service losers for Alamo drafthouse
Are the Alamo purchase decision criteria appropriate for the multiplex mobie theatre market? What do you conclude?

Service qualifiers – Cleanliness of the...
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