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During the Battle of the Alamo, why did the mexicans want the Alamo, and why did the Texans want to protect it. In an article, it says that before the Battle of the Alamo, the texans wanted independence and was not loyal to the new rules in Mexico. The Mexicans did not want to reward or give the Texans independence because they thought that the Texans were not loyal to their rules. In another article by Stephen Hardin, said that in 1836 the Texans wanted independence from mexico and wanted to defend the Alamo and defeat the Mexicans for their independence. And the Mexicans didn’t want Texas to be independence. They thought that if Texas got their independence then the United States could annexed Texas and be come stronger. Lee Paul said that the Alamo was a fortified position in the ememies line of march and Santa Anna left it, but now want the fort back but William Travis didn’t want to give the Alamo to Santa Anna, but Texas didn’t want to give the Mexicans the Alamo. The Alamo was a Spanish mission, buit in 1718 in the city of San Antonio. In 1836, the citizens of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas tired of the dictatorial rule of Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and began a fight for independence, known as the Texas Revolution. Stephanie Matyszczyk said that the Battle of the Alamo started because Santa Anna wanted to destroy the Resistance for political reasons and because the Texans were stealing the Mexicans land. The whole battle between the Mexans and the Texans was in the early 1800’s. The Mexicans became independent from Spain and started staying in the Alamo. In that time, Texas was a part of Mexico. Texans wanted to be free from Mexico because the government had changed. In 1835, some volunteer Texan soldiers fought with Mexican soldiers and won. The...
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