Al Capone vs Blackbeard the Pirate

Topics: Al Capone, North Side Gang, Blackbeard Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: November 28, 2011
1. Al Capone
a. Alphonse "Al" Capone (January 17, 1899 – January 25, 1947) b. Smuggling and bootlegging liquor, and other illegal activities such as prostitution, in Chicago from the early 1920s to 1931.

c. He made various charitable endeavors using the money he made from his activities, and was viewed by many to be a "modern-day Robin Hood". d. It was said that Capone ordered the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre in the Lincoln \ Park neighborhood on Chicago's North Side.

2. Blackbeard the Pirate
e. Edward Teach (c. 1682? – November 22, 1718), better known as Blackbeard f. His name, Blackbeard, was derived from his thick black beard and fearsome appearance. g. A shrewd and calculating leader, Teach avoided the use of force, relying instead on his fearsome image to elicit the response he desired from those he robbed. h. Romanticized after his death, and became the inspiration for a number of pirate-themed works of fiction across a range of genres. i. Accepted a royal pardon but returned back at sea, where he attracted the attention of the Governor of Virginia.

Al Capone VS Blackbeard the Pirate
Have you ever thought about what the differences between Al Capone and Blackbeard the pirate? Well I have so I figured I would write my compare and contrast on these two public figures. Plain and simple they were both famous, feared, and criminals. They were both in their forties when they died. They were respected by the public. Not many would every compare Al Capone and Blackbeard because they were so far apart in years. Pirates and the early Public Enemies were very interesting to me.

One of my favorite Public Enemies was Al Capone. Al Capone’s real name was Alphonse Capone. He was a mobster, and to the FBI he was public enemy number one. He lived during the Prohibition-era where there was a ban on alcohol. It was a perfect opportunity for Al to start smuggling and...
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