Al Capone Rags to Riches

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Al Capone Rags to Riches

Al Capone is by far the most famous gangster in America. Capone is a Hollywood icon for crime and violence. How did the son of a working class immigrant become the most powerful gangster ever lived? He didn’t just start out on top. No, Capone had to work his way up the ranks. This is how one average man went to rags, to riches.

Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 17, 18 99 (Gales). He was the fourth child out of nine children. His parents were emigrated from Naples, Italy. Capone started out bad. As a child he dropped school in 6th grade after getting in a fight with his teacher. He started in minor gangs like the James Street Gang and gradually worked his way up to the Five Points Gang. He was close friends with the leader, Johnny Torrio (Gales). Torrio was Al Capone mentor. He learned many cunning and intelligent ways of making money from him (Baughman). Even as a teen he worked as a gunman. He also worked as a bouncer where he got his famous nickname, Scarface. He made inappropriate comments to a female client (Baughman). The client’s brother attacked Capone with a knife leaving three permanent scars on his face.

Capone wasn’t all that bad. He had legal jobs and even a family. He had a job as a paper cutter but that didn’t last. Capone met Mary Coughlin in his neighborhood as a teen. She worked as a sales representative in a department store (Baughman). He married Mary Coughlin in December 13, 1918 just after Mary gave birth to his son on December 4, 1918. Their son was baptized as Albert Francis Capone (Baughman). Capone’s son was mostly known as “Sonny”. Sonny began having hearing problems which was caused by his congenital syphilis. The syphilis was contracted from his father (Baughman). Al Capone was assumed to of gotten Syphilis from prostitutes in his teenage years. Sonny was Capone’s first and only son he had. Al Capone and his family moved to Baltimore where he worked as a book keeper....
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