Al Capone Final

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Al Capone
Al Capone was one of the most notorious mobsters in the prohibition era. He was one of the most feared among people in New York and Chicago.

History on Al Capone.
Al Capone was one of nine children; his mother and father were Teresa Capone and Gabriele Capone. His father was a barber, and his mother was semesters. Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born on January 17, 1899. Some of the influences that caused Al Capone to move towards criminal active. 1. When growing up, Al Capone was going to a Catholic school which proved to be a violent, insufficient, and atrocious institution; all of these characterize blemished Al Capone. When he was fourteen, Al Capone was expelled from the school for hitting one of the female teachers, he never returned to school after that. 2. After dropping out of school, Al Capone joined a street gang named the Five Point Gang (also known as Johnny Torrio’s James Street Gang); the leader of the gang was Johnny Torrio. Torrio seemed to take a liking to Al Capone and started to mentor him. Torrio taught Al Capone the significance of maintaining a respectable image while running a racketeering business. Torrio symbolized a new dawn in criminal enterprise, transforming a brutally crude culture into a corporate empire. 3. Al Capone’s father’s unpredicted death was the final push that Al Capone needed to embrace his criminal livelihood. Some say that Al Capone seemed free after his father’s death, as if he did not have to worry about shamming his father. His father died in 1920.

How did Al Capone get his nickname “Scarface”?
After Capone joined the Five Points Gang, Capone was employed by Frankie Yale at a night club as a Door opener and greeter. Capone made an inappropriate comment to a woman and then her brother, Frank Gallucio slashed Capone across his face. Thus, giving Capone his nickname Scarface. Capone did not seem to hold any grudges against Gallucio; Capone later hired Gallucio as a bodyguard. In 1909, Torrio moved from New York to Chicago to aid in the operation of a huge brothel business. In 1919, Torrio sent word for Capone to join him and carry out a task; the task consisted of assassinating Torrio’s boss, Big Jim Colosimo. In 1920, Big Jim Colosimo was assassinated. It’s unclear if Al Capone or Frankie Yale carried out the task of assassinating Big Jim Colosimo, but in the end “died is died” As the 18th amendment came into affected, the business of bootlegging operations opened and pulled in vast amounts of assets and wealth. Capone became a very trusted ally to Torrio, Torrio give Capone organization and management of the Four Deuces (Torrio’s headquarters in Chicago.) the Four Deuces provided as a speakeasy, gambling joint, and prostitution house. Capone’s first job was to move his operation to Cicero. With the assistance of his brothers frank (Salvatore) and Ralph, who just so happened to be in the law enforcement and had government influence. They started their operations by first influences local law enforcement and government and positioning key figures were they were needed in order to turn a blind eye away from them and their operations; Capone kidnapped opponent’s election workers and threatened voters with aggression, Capone won office in Cicero, but in the process lost his brother Frank in a police shoot out with police. After they had influenced local officials and won office, they started processing and running brothels, gambling clubs, and racetracks. Capone took pride in the fact that he could keep his temper under control, but when one of his associate by the name of Jack Guzik was assaulted, Capone tracked down the attacker and shot him dead in a bar. Due to inefficient evidence, Capone walked away with murder. There were many occasions where Capone could not be convicted by law enforcement. In January of 1925,...
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