Al Capone and the Valentines Day Massacre

Topics: Al Capone, Bugs Moran, North Side Gang Pages: 4 (1726 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Alphonse Gabriel Capone, also known as one of the most notorious gangsters in American history, led the Prohibition-era crime syndicate in Chicago. However Capone was not the only one involved with the illegal distribution of alcohol, the rival North Gang leader, Bugs Moran, was also very involved with the same illegal activities as Capone. Although it was pretty well known that Capone was involved in various illegal activities he made some large contributions to notable charities to keep his reputation up among the public. He started his gang work at the age of fourteen and had effectively avoided any run ins with the police. This all changed with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Capone’s involvement in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre ultimately led to his arrest. Alphonse Capone was born on January 17,1899 in Brooklyn, New York. He was a poor Italian child whose parents immigrated to the United States just before he was born. When he was in sixth grade he joined the Street Boys gang and eventually joined the Five Points Gang. He got into a little fight at a saloon and someone slashed him with a knife and left a large cut from his sideburn to his mouth giving him the nickname “Scarface”. Capone was working for a guy named Johnny Torrio and eventually became his right hand man. Once Torrio retired Capone because the king of crim in Chicago. The illegal activeities he was involved with included gambling, prostitution, bootlegging rackets, and expanding his territories by gunning down rival gangs. In 1927 his estimated wealth was close to $100,000,000. One of Capone’s biggest rival was Bugs Moran. George Bugs Moran was born to polish immigrant parents in 1893 and eventually grew up in the north side of Chicago. His gang involvement started at a young age and by the time he was 21 he had committed over 20 known burglaries and been imprisoned three times. He later became an extremely important member of Dion O’Banion’s North Siders Gang. They were very bitter...
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