Al Capone

Topics: Al Capone, Prohibition in the United States, Gangster Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Al Capone
Al Capone was a very dangerous Gangster. He had and ran many illegal businesses like bootlegging, prostitution, gambling and murders. Being highly known as this big gangster guy, knowing there was many gangs in the world Al Capone was at the top. Al Capone was the greatest gangster in the 1920s. Al Capone was a wealthy man because money was made fast and easy. Gambling was a business that paid off, there were tons of places to go gamble there were stations set up all over the city to gamble. Also the murders and Prostitutions crimes helped gangsters make the quick buck. But what was by far the most profitable in the 1920’s was Bootlegging alcohol because of the prohibition of alcohol. “Scarface” the unforgettable nickname of Alphonse Capone. Where he got his nick name was in Boston as well were he started his career of crime with Johnny Torrio. It was in a bar when Capone said some rude things to a Women. In the bar was the women’s brother who then cut Capone in the face. Al Capone was scarred for life “literally”. Al Capone never became a leader until he moved to Chicago. Because of that incident that had accrued with the women. Reason why he became a leader and the crime was so high was because the government was very weak. Al Capone arrived at Chicago in 1920. He then started his business with Torrio with gambling joints and whore houses. From that point forward he just rose to the top and didn’t stop till he died.
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