Al Capone

Topics: Al Capone, Chicago, Prohibition in the United States Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Al Capone- Gangster
Moved to Chicago in 1920- he worked for Johnny Torrio
He was also known as Alphonse Capone and Scarface.
Job: Initially, he was manager of the Four Deuces (a nightclub) : Later- Intimidate Torrio’s rivals, so that they would hand over their territory. : - Convince speakeasy owners to buy Torrio’s alcohol illegally He bribed police and important politicians, spending $75 million per year ⦁His armed employees patrolled election booths to guarantee that Capone’s politicians would return to office ⦁After 1927, the mayor of Chicago was Big Bill Thompson (a friend of Capone) ⦁ Within 2 years Capone was earning $60 million annually (from alcohol alone) ⦁He earned an additional $45 million annually from other aspects of his field ⦁He drove in an armour-plated limousine

In 1924, Dion O’Banion (an associate of Toorio and Capone) was murdered, due to lack of trustworthiness. O’Banion’s vengeful friends begun to hunt for Capone. ⦁He ordered a bulletproof Cadillac sedan for safety

He surrounded himself with bodyguards.
Torrio did not change his routine, and so was attacked on January 12, 1935. His injuries encouraged him to retire, handing his business over to Capone in March ⦁Capone dressed in colourful suits, wore a white fedora hat, habitually wore an 11.5 carat diamond ring ⦁It is believed that the gangster, in charge of nightclubs, brothels, race tracks, gambling establishments and speakeasies, killed dozens of people, and ordered the same fate of hundreds of others ⦁In 1929 Capone discovered that three of his associates intended to betray him. Al Capone invited them to a large banquet. After the three men had dined, Capone’s bodyguards tied them to their chairs, whilst Capone picked up a baseball bat and began to hit them. After the ordeal, the three men were shot in the head, and their bodies were dumped out of town. ⦁The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre of Febraury 1929, supposedly, was ordered by...
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