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Executive summary

As a part of our curriculum we have to prepare reports in each semester for each subject. In this way, my course teacher has assigned me to prepare the report. And the topic of my report is “Management Practices in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Human Resource management of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd”. He took a lecture on preparation of this report and serving us necessary documents. As I have selected a service organization, my prime objective was to collect necessary documents along with the Annual Report of the Bank. Again I had to visit the website of the Bank. My report involve the typical Human Resource Management practices such as planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, placement, training and development, performance appraisal, wages and salaries, incentives, benefits, security, safety, and health etc.

Businesses rely on effective human resource management (HRM) to ensure that they hire and keep good employees and that they are able to respond to conflicts between workers and management. HRM specialists initially determine the number and type of employees that a business will need over its first few years of operation. They are then responsible for recruiting new employees to replace those who leave and for filling newly created positions. A business’s HRM division also trains or arranges for the training of its staff to encourage worker’s productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction, and to promote the overall success of the business. Finally, human resource managers create workers’ compensation plans and benefit packages for employees.

1.1. Statement of the research problem

Human resources are an increasingly broadening term that refers to managing "human capital," the people of an organization. The field has moved from a traditionally administrative function to a strategic one that recognizes the link between talented and engaged people and organizational success. Human resources are most important and valuable asset of any organization because the success of a particular organization largely depends on its Human Resources. Here in my term paper I have discussed about the Human Resource of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. I explored the present scenario of the banks Human Resource, the international standard Human Resource, potential problem with Human Resource Management and the necessary solutions. Finally I highlighted the findings and provided appropriate recommendations for the Human Resource Management of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd.

1.2. Scope and objectives of the study

My course teacher taught me spontaneously well in the classroom, thus, I gained a clear idea and knowledge about the modern human resource management practices in any organization both in Bangladesh and other countries in the world. This could help me a lot to make an intensive survey on any organization and understand well various terms, rules, and techniques of human resource management divisions.

The prime objectives of preparing this survey to get practical knowledge of the study which can help me to bridge the gap between my lectures or bookish knowledge with the actual practices of this study of management in a particular organization. This section also designed to broad my outlook and understands various crucial but complex topics easily.

1.3. Methodology of the study

I have followed the following research process consists of series of actions or necessary steps to carry out the research in order to prepare the report:

Step-I: Define the Research Problem: To find out the Human Resource Management practices in a particular organization.

Step-II: Review of Literature: A brief summary of different topics is written down.

Step-III: Formulation of Hypothesis: The organization follows the modern human resource management practices.

Step-IV: Collection of Data: To verify the hypothesis I collect the annual report of the bank, various documents of laws and regulations use in the Human...

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