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Topics: Ecological footprint, Sustainability, Social responsibility, Environment, Natural environment, Ecology / Pages: 2 (452 words) / Published: Apr 15th, 2013
Corporate social responsibility :
Corporate social responsibility means that in addition to the pursuit of profit (profit) also takes into account the impact of your activities on the environment (planet) and that you have an eye for human aspects within and outside the company (people). It's about finding a balance between people, planet and profit. More often it appears that this balance leads to better results for both the company and society. The question is does AkzoNobel think so to?

AkzoNobel states that Sustainability has become firmly anchored in the regular business processes of AkzoNobel and is fully integrated it in their strategy and management tools. They have so called “focus area’s” that they, the company and its stakeholders, find very important, such as; Creating Value from Eco-premium Solutions(EPS), Creating a Talent Factory and Carbon Management through the Value Chain.

Eco-premium solutions (EPS) is a quick scan method used to benchmark the performance of AkzoNobel products in six HSE aspects*(Health, Safety and Environment) and put them against the competing products. The objective here is to encourage and stimulate innovations of more sustainable products, measure the progress by assessing the share of (total) revenue from EPS and monitor the development towards specific goals. The mean goal of EPS is developing a product with the same or even better functionality while also having less impact in the environment.

To stimulate the educational degree of their employees, AkzoNobel introduced the Talent Factory to invest in their employees, to let them educate themselves so they become their true potential and therefore growing the business for the long term.

Instead of just controlling the emissions AkzoNobel wants to manage them, throughout the product chain(value chain). A strategic risk of using fossil fuels and fossil-based raw materials line up with the companies goal to reduce the environmental footprint. The

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