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Ako Si Ninoy

Topics: Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, People Power Revolution / Pages: 2 (304 words) / Published: Sep 16th, 2013
Ako si Ninoy
I just came home from the Ako si Ninoy Musicale produced by my classmate Earl Gamboa of Force Majeure Events Management Experts with Marj Casal ofWitty Minds, and performed by the Philippines Stagers Foundation. It was part of a class requirement and also to support our classmates Earl and Marj who are both doing well in their media careers while still being an OrCom student.

Discussion question: What have you done to be another Ninoy?
In the musicale, the characters exhibited the Ninoy Aquino in them by fulfilling their responsibilities and doing what is right. However, I believe that it is an unspoken human rule to do what’s morally good. While other people may pass off certain activities and behaviors such as recycling, keeping electrical consumption to a minimum, or saying po/opo as being Ninoy, if we look at it closely, those are neither the reason why he became the hero of martial law.
Ninoy gave up the prospect of a happy life with his family abroad to return to the Philippines and be the voice of change for the Filipino people against the dictatorship of Marcos. He was selfless.

It will take a miracle to have my face on money.
I haven’t done anything as large scale as sacrificing my life for the country. The most selfless sacrificing I have done was to spend my time with less fortunate people on a voluntary outreach program. I had the choice whether or not to participate. But I chose to help. The people in attendance may have been fewer compared to the number of people rallying during the People Power Revolution, but like Ninoy, I was able to touch their lives and created at least one happy day for them when they realize that there is still hope for them.

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