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Akij Biri Factory Ltd.

Akij Biri Factory Limited
Akij Biri factory is one of the leading biri manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. It was established by late Sheikh Akij Uddin. Behind the Akij group establishment Akij Biri played a very important role. Sheikh Akij Uddin (owner of Akij Group) started the handmade biri business since 1948. Now Akij Biri has eight biri making factories in all over the country. The product is distributed under strong distribution system with a reasonable price. For that reason, the company has large number of satisfied loyal customers with strong brand image. This sector gave a real boost to the revenue of the conglomerate as well as making a substantial contribution to country’s economy. History of the company

After 1947
After 1947 the founder, Akij uddin got married and started a business of small grocery shop. In that shop one of the daily products was the “Leaf Biri”. This product changed his life dramatically. The leaf biri was made by “Tendu Leaf” which was imported from India. During that time it had a huge demand in the countryside. In 1950

Then he thought that if he made this biri by himself then it would be more profitable for him. Then in 1950 Akij and one of his friend’s father Nitai bidhuvushon started to produce handmade biri. In a few days it became so popular. After a while there was an accident happened in his shop. But after the accident he again started to produce the biri. Within in a few days the demand of biri reached from his village to Doulatpur industrial area. In 1955

In 1955 he went to Navaran and started to live there. Beside his house he and his cousin established a factory. That time this biri became a brand name, which is Akij Biri. During the time the two major competitors were Ohab biri and Jalil biri. Akij Uddin sold his biri in low price than his competitors to increase the demand in the market. The daily demand stands to 25/30 thousands. The fame extended out to Jessore, Khulna, Khushtia, Faridpur and in other districts also. In the meantime he became involved with jute business. After 1972

Aftar the liberation war of Bangladesh again he started his biri business and with his vast struggle he was able to create the same demand of Akij biri. In 1977 the daily demand of akij biri stands to on an average 14 lakhs. In 1979 this demand became 1 crore in a day. From that time to till the akij biri is serving the maximum demand of the country. Company Profile

Name of the Group| Akij Group|
Company Name| Akij tobacco Company|
Tobacco Experience| Since 1950|
Yearly Turnover| US$ 700 Million|
Chairman| Sheikh Mohiuddin|
Managing Director| SK. Aziz Uddin|
Directors| SK. Momin Uddin And SK. Amin Uddin|
Nature of Business| Tobacco and Allied Products|
Human Resources| Officers and Workers Total 25,000 plus Person| Products/Allied| Processed/Packed Tobacco, Cigerettes, Cut Rags, Expanded Cut Stem.| Brands| Akij Biri, Akij King (Hand Made Cigarettes)|

Monthly Production| Akij Biri- 2000 Million sticks|
Fixed Asset| US$ 85 Million|
Export Market| Singapore, Middle East, Malaysia etc.|
Name of the Banker| Standard Chartered, HSBC & Shonali Bank Bangladesh Ltd.| Corporate Office| Akij Chamber, 73 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh| Telephone| +8802-9560177|
Email| muddin@ad-din.org,|
Web| www.akijtobacco.com|

Strategy of the company
Akij Biri Company’s main strategy is to keep low the price and make it available for all lower income people. The raw material of this product is very much available in Bangladesh that’s why it is easy and cost effective to produce and keep the product price low than other company in the market.

Organogram of the company

Managing Directors



Audit Department
Marketing Department
Account Department
Transport Department
Finance Department
Purchase Department

Products & Tobaccos
Tobaccos| Growing...
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