Akamai Case

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1. Who are major competitor(s) to Akamai? Focus on one major competitor. Do some research and outline key differences between Akamai and its competitor in terms of services, pricing, technology, target customer etc. Provide some numbers if possible.

1.The three major competitors to Akamai are :
a.Limelight networks
b.Mirror Image
c.Level 3 communications

Difference between Akamai and Limelight networks in terms of: Limelight’s market share was 10% while Akamai’s was 66% for the Fiscal year 2007.

Akamai Technologies is a provider of distributed internet content and applications delivery services. The company's key products and services include the following: Digital asset solutions: Akamai media delivery, Akamai stream Operating System, Electronic software delivery Dynamic site solutions: Dynamic site accelerator, Dynamic site accelerator enterprise Application performance solutions: Web application accelerator, IP application accelerator Professional services: Enterprise services, Standard services Custom solutions: Other solutions: Site Intelligence Offerings

Limelight Networks provides content delivery network (CDN) services in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The company's key products and services include the following: Products: Audio, video and gaming content

Services: Content delivery, Custom CDN, Network services, Streaming media

Akamai charges more than Limelight. In fact, lower prices compared to Akamai are one of the key strengths of Limelight.

Akamai has deployed globally distributed computing platform, with more than 30,000 servers located in more than 900 networks around the world. The company delivers customers' content and computing applications across a system of widely distributed networks of servers. Servers are deployed in networks ranging from large, backbone network providers to medium and small ISPs, to cable modem and satellite providers to universities and other networks. The company also has more than 1,000 peer relationships that provide it with direct paths to end user networks, which reduces data loss. Akamai uses specialized technologies, such as advanced routing, load balancing, data collection and monitoring to make deployment effective. The company's intelligent routing software is designed to ensure that website visitors experience fast page loading, access to applications and content assembly regardless of global or local traffic conditions. Akamai's Network Operations Control Center has dedicated professionals on a full time basis to monitor and react to Internet traffic patterns and trends.

Each Limelight Networks center houses thousands of servers that do the heavy lifting for content delivery. Whether the deployment requires one server or two hundred, each distribution center has the capacity for the entire catalog. Limelight’s global footprint means the user’s request can be fulfilled from a nearby center — since the content is most likely close at hand. Limelight Networks boasts direct connections to nearly 900 user access networks around the world. And since most of these “edge connections” use superfast 10GigE technology, the content is delivered in the fastest way possible — in most cases, straight to the networks the audiences use every day and bypassing the often-congested public Internet. Their dedicated high-speed network spans the globe, interconnecting all of the regional data centers over a fiber-optic backbone. This allows Limelight Networks to deliver the most massive of files. And even the most obscure objects in your library can blast their way to your users at CDN speeds — just as fast as your most popular objects.

Target Customer:
Akamai’s customer base is centered on enterprises. Its customers include many of the world's leading corporations, including Apple, Audi, BestBuy, FedEx Corporation, Hitachi, L'Oreal, Microsoft, MTV Networks, the National Basketball Association,...
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