Ak vs M4

Topics: Assault rifle, M16 rifle, AK-47 Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: November 27, 2012
M4 Carbine Vs. AK47
Dillon Drews

In the battlefield your weapon in your hand is the most important asset the will decide if you are sharing beers with your buddies or dirt with worms. Over the test of time and the history of battles, both the M4 carbine and the AK47 have been scrutinized on which weapon system is the better assault rifle for American troops to use. These dealers of death both have the same result, but in terms of size/weight, ammunition, firepower/ accuracy, reliability and service life. One can argue, that one assault rifle id better than the other. The M4 carbine entered the military in 1997, which was a more compact version of its predecessor the M16a2. The American made assault rifle was introduced in the Vietnam War and had all kinds of problems, but has been tweaked to the ever-changing battlefield. The M4 carbine enables a soldier operating in close quarters to engaging targets at extended ranges with accurate, lethal fire. The AK47 entered the Russian military in 1947. Russia and many other countries adopted the AK47 as their main military service rifle. The Kalashnikov has a cheap cost and the ability to fire under any condition; these are the main reasons for its popularity. The M4 carbine has a strong agile body. The stock is retractable and extendable; this is ideally suited for use in close quarters and by soldiers who operate in small rooms or vehicles with limited storage space. The M4 favors are versatility and modularity. The M4 assault rifle has a rail that allows the operator to mount optics and lighting components. The M4 with a fully loaded magazine of 30 2

rounds carries a small weight at 7.5lbs. This will allow the soldier to carry more ammo for the assault. The current issue M4 is 33 inches long with the stock extended and 29.8 with the stock retracted. The AK47 was designed to be cost effective, and manufactured quickly. The AK has variants with collapsible stocks, but mainly has a...
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