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Cholera is a deadly illness due to bacterial infections. Some sources that may cause you to come across this disease is if you drink water that has been contaminated with a person’s infected feces, or by eating food that has come into contact with the dirty water. For instance, if you eat raw or uncooked fruits and vegetables, especially if you eat seafood such as seashells; you want to make sure it is properly cooked because you can easily become infected.
The first origination of cholera occurred during the Indian subcontinent. The Ganges River played a major role in transmitting the disease place to place because it served as a contamination reservoir. The trade routes also made it quite easy for the disease to spread especially from land to sea.
People that are exposed to cholera infection have mild or little to no symptoms; however it can also be very severe. Signs of this deadly disease would include watery diarrhea, throwing up numerous of times, even muscle tightening. Although these could be signs that, that person is infected with the cholera disease you should really be aware of rapid loss of body fluids because if you tend to lose a lot more than you should your body can go into complete shock due to dehydration. Without proper treatment you can go into a coma or even worse die within a few hours of being infected.
Cholera can become a deadly illness if not taken the proper precautions. If you want to make sure that neither you nor your family become Infected with this disease you must follow sanitation procedures. For instance, many measurements that people take to prevent the spread of cholera include drinking from unopened bottled waters, wash and prepare food properly, boil household items with bleach, wash hands with soap and water. Doing this will definitely decrease your chances in developing the cholera disease.
In 1832 New York City experienced their first epidemic with the cholera disease killing 5,071 people. The reason why the

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