Topics: China, Macroeconomics, Pollution Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: January 13, 2013
For the political, from the last century, computers come into people’s life, it was used in business and other industries and helps the industries increase the production and interest. But at the same time, some new problems come with computers such as energy consumption, health and pollution of the environment. So consider these problems, in 2007, the EUP instruct of The European Union which control the pollution of computer industry formal effective. Also in China, the government encourage the green IT that means lower noise pollution and lower energy consumption. So in Lenovo groups, the isopsophic index of “Kai Tian S” (a brand of Lenovo) was lower than 30 dB. So in noise pollution section, Lenovo has achieved (Lenovo, 2005). As a high quality brand, export is certain. As is known, China has a huge population, it means there’s enough labor and payment should not high. So the factory of Lenovo was set in China. Since China joined WTO, the export tariff of IT industry has decrease to 9.1% in 2005 (Global M&A Research Center, 2006). So these policies are tends to encourage business organization developing to global.

For economic, influence by the 2008 economic crisis, the world economic tends to going down. But in the worst time, Chinese government published the new economic policy which was positive financial policy and loose and comfortable monetary policy. The government also offered four-hundred million RMB stimulates economic development (The Marketing Surveillance Center of China, 2008). For China’s IT industry, this is a great opportunity to develop them. Then change the focus to the economic development. In 1950, the total trades of China include import and export was 11.3 hundred million dollars, but in 2008, it enhanced 25616 hundred million dollars. Also at home, the GDP increased with a high speed:

So according to this chart, it very clear that China’s GDP has achieved satisfactory level and the disposable personal income has increased also...
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