Ajax Essay

Topics: Love, Emotion, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: November 15, 2006
Although Sophocles wrote Ajax centuries ago, many themes from Ajax are still relevant today. Ancient Greek mythology has a tendency of brutally depicting a life theme and explaining it in its true light. Today as a society, to talk about lives' imperfections, would be considered taboo. Everything is to appear as though it fits and there is no mess or troubles, regardless of the pain or suffering of what's beneath the surface. Ancient Greeks knew of the world's imperfections and rather then trying to shun them away, they expressed them terribly honest.

For instance today, love is looked upon as something that can be explained perfectly on a greeting card sold at hallmark. Whereas the Greeks feel there is no need to dance around the imperfections of the world. No matter how amazing love can feel in a way it is a bittersweet emotion. For all the joyous moments there is in love, there is an equal and opposite moment, where it can seem so hard you feel as though you cannot bare the pain any longer. Ajax represents that when he does not receive the armor from Achilles that he feels should rightfully be his. And in not receiving it, he goes on a rampage wanting to get revenge. Athena, Goddess of war and wisdom, is aware of his hunger for revenge, fools him into believing that a nearby herd of sheep are the Greek kings. He slaughters some of them, and takes the others back to his home to torture. He then realizes the depths and humiliations of his actions. His wife Tecmessa, begs for him to say, for the sake of her and her child. In fear of him leaving them unprotected. Ajax acts as though moved by her speech and claims he is going out to purify himself.

When in love, you are blinded, and feel as though everything will work its self out. From experience love can be a powerful experience, but I also have experienced that love can sometimes be misleading and what you feel for another may not be felt for you. Tecmessa is willing to put herself out on a limb to protect...
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