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Topics: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian religion, Art Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: February 23, 2014

American Intercontinental University
Art Appreciation
Willie J. Gilyard
The first piece of ancient art I have chosen is the pectoral amulet depicting the ancient god Anubis. This is the ancient Egyptian god of embalming this piece features two jackals facing each other. Behind each jackal there are hieroglyphics that quote “Anubis who is embalmer," and "Anubis who is before the god’s place of embalming." This art is two-dimensional because it is on a flat surface although it is something that you are able to hold the actual piece the artwork is engraved on it. The material that was used to create this was faience, which is a form a tin and was then glazed. After created the piece was placed on the chest of the mummified individual for as a symbol of safe passage into the next life. The colors used from what is depicted in the piece is turquoise which is the color that is the color of the material and black which is used in the drawing of the jackals and hieroglyphics. The use of lines and shapes in this artwork are your basic line straight-line patterns and the shapes used are geometric shapes. Geometric shapes consist of squares, triangles and circles and this this piece all of those shapes have been used.

Another piece of art is one I have chosen is a jar from the Ancient Near East collection which is located in the Smithsonian Museum of art as well. This jar is from the chalcolithic period and is from Iran. This jar is made of earthenware which is a porous clay which is shaped and designed and then fired at a low temperature to harden and keep its form which is today know as pottery to many. The colors that were used on this piece were red and black. The red the bas color of the jar and the line designs are done in black. The designs on this piece are geometric shapes of triangle and circles. This piece is three-dimensional and can also be considered a bulky mass. painted designs in contrasting colors had a long history...

Frank, Patrick,Prebles’ artforms : an introduction to the visual arts / Patrick Frank. —10thed. p. cm.
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