Ais Pos System

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POS= Point of Sale
It take place where the transaction occurs. We can also say that it takes place at the check out point.POS system generally includes the hardware and software devices or components ,such as computer ,monitor ,cash drawer ,receipt printer, customer display, barcode scanner and other suitable software.Pos system are generally use for the reporting purposes, sales cost volume profit analysis ,it also give the information regarding the cost of goods purposes and we can use many other purposes for to take future decision in the business. In the conclusion we can say that are that system or it performs where the product and services are purchased. Benefit of POS System

speed ,accuracy due to the high quality software are installed on it POS system are highly show the accurate and reliable result with a great speed. Current POS systems do not differ in term of function

The current Pos system is not differ in the terms of function as they such as they use same method and system as they describe in the article. Current Pos system function operates through cash register ,Quick books ,it also uses point of sale scanner ,inventory management tool like Pos system describe in the article,. Current point of sale system includes like components like hardware and software components such as computers, scanners, cash drawer, receipt printer, weight scale signature capture devices etc. Similar to the hardware and software devices as mentioned in the article .Current Pos generally occurs or operates at the check out point or usually at the counter like it is mentioned at the article. The other function like “Back office” inventory control, purchasing ,receiving and method of sales of products are also similar to the article. Q no 2

As we know that pos system was introduced by the business sectors to develop and introduce a new facility to its consumers or customers. Technically they have a system which provides a pure form on line pin pad form and a system to combat fraud. Now the system has been modified by the switch system. Before there used to be more of the paper based transmissions of money and it was quite hard to experiment the pos system in many places .So were the people, they were not much familiar with the pos system .now whereas there are now every individual using the pos system in developed countries. Now there are individual banks taking advantages of the developing technology. Now the customers used to look for wants simple, quick and secure payment at the point of sale wants to gain from cashless shopping without paying extra charges. They also want the cashless transactions keep his money in his account longer. Now the system has changed. It has card verification: that the card is available for the transaction (in particular it must exist, be date-valid, must not be barred, and must be empowered to conduct the particular transaction where as there should be PIN verification: that the PIN is correct for that card and same with the account verification so that the account with which the card is associated is available for the payment or transactions. Reconciliation and dispute-resolution costs are currently higher than before because of the training and recruiting staffs of the complex security system of pos system. Like most retailers you're probably struggling to find and choose the "right" software for your business. Whether you've wrestled with confusing sales literature, choosing an operating system, or figuring out how to compare software programs with countless features - you've probably been confused and discouraged privacy account balance is important, including shielded keying of the PIN, display of account balance on the customer terminal only, and non-retention of personal data.The information should be depicted in a clear and comprehensible manner so that even those with limited computer knowledge can use the program without any difficulty. Pos fulfils all these...

References: Accounting information systems eleventh edition{marshall b Romney and paul john steinbart}page 370-372,660-662{page 14-23}
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