Airworthiness Assignment
Topics: Fire extinguisher, Aircraft, Flight, Passenger / Pages: 2 (551 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2015

1. Explain two rules that apply to carrying cargo in the passenger compartments for carriers flying under Part 121. What is the rule and why does it matter? (10 Points)
2. Flight controls under Part 25 must be designed so they enable continued safe flight during what three types of failures? (15 Points)
3. Describe three things that must be included on Part 121 or Part 25 aircraft for fire protection. (15 Points)
4. Briefly describe each type of cargo space classification (Classes A through E). What can be contained in this type of space and what requirements must be met? (25 Points)
5. A cockpit voice recorder must be designed and installed in a manner that it can record what information? (10 Points)

1. One rule is that the bin must be fully enclosed and made with material that is at least flame resistant. This is important because if there were a fire, it would be self contained in that compartment and would not spread to the passenger cabin. Another rule is that the maximum weight of cargo that the bin is approved to carry and any instructions necessary to insure proper weight distribution within the bin must be conspicuously marked on the bin. This is important because it needs to be ensured that the persons loading the compartment have instructions how to do it properly and that the load is distributed in a safe matter.
2. Flight controls must be designed so that the aircraft could still be flown safely if: 1) both engines were to fail. 2) if all hydraulic systems were to fail and 3) if the electrical systems were to fail.
3. No compartment may contain controls that would negatively affect the safe operation of the aircraft. No cargo or baggage may interfere with the fire suppression systems in the compartments. All materials used in compartments must be flame resistant.
4. A: A fire therein would be readily discernible to a member of the crew while at his station; and
(2) All parts of the compartment are easily accessible in flight.
B: enough access is

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