Airtel - Introduction

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Need For the Study

As a student of Business Administration a need is felt to understand the Overview of an Organization in its Financial, Marketing and Human resource Performance examining the overview of the above factors will help a student like me to gain insight in the Mission, Vision and Operational Goals and Strategies of Organization to perform well to the satisfaction of its stake holders.

Objectives of the Study

The Indian communications scenario has transformed into a multiplayer, Multi product market with varied market size and segments. Within the basic phone service the value chain has split into domestic/local calls, long distance players, and international long distance players. Apart form having to cope with the change in structure and culture, Airtel has to gear itself to meet competition in various segments- Basic services, long distance, International Long Distance and Internet Service Provision. It has forayed into mobile service provision as well.

Objectives are:

What are strategies that Airtel is implementing to defend and increase the market share

▪ To know about the telecom industry.
▪ To know the present scenario of telecom industry.
▪ To know the factors affecting the growth of telecom industry. ▪ To analyze the Different statements of Balance sheet, Profit and loss account. Cash flow statement and HR Information

Scope of the study

The Scope of Company analysis is limited to one company Bharti Airtel, to know its performance, by analyzing the secondary data from various sources and understanding them.

Limitations of the study

The study is carried completely by considering data. As the study is carried completely relying on secondary sources no first hand Information have been gathered or collected from company officials relating to research.


A midst all the talk of slowdown in the Indian economy, telecom is one sector that has had a fairly good year in terms of subscriber additions and revenue growth in 2008.Mobile service companies have managed to add subscribers at the rate of eight million a month in 2008. This makes India the second fastest growth for mobile services in the world. However, even as this gives some reason to cheer for the telecom incumbents, there are a few trends in key metrics of the companies that suggest increasing pressure on margins.

This is not the situation only this year the subscriber base of Indian telecom industry is increasing day –by-day and year –by – year. If we just have a glance on the Indian telecom industry it is divided into 23 circles spread allover the country with 9 Operators in the country.

A large population, low telephony penetration levels, and a rise in consumers' income and spending owing to strong economic growth have helped make India the fastest-growing telecom market in the world. The first and largest operator is the state-owned incumbent BSNL, which is also the 7th largest telecom company in the world in terms of its number of subscribers. BSNL was created by corporatization of the erstwhile DTS (Department of Telecommunication Services), a government unit responsible for provision of telephony services. Subsequently, after the telecommunication policies were revised to allow private operators, companies such as Bharti Telecom, Tata Indicom, Vodafone, MTNL, Idea, Vodafone and BPL have entered the space as Major Operators in India. However, rural India still lacks strong infrastructure. In 2007, an article by Business week magazine reported that India's mobile phone market is the fastest growing in the world, with companies adding some 6 million new customers a month. The total number of telephones in the...
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