Airstar, Case for Analysis

Topics: Management, Organization, Mission statement Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Among the most crucial issues facing Airstar, Inc. are organizational design and strategic direction. The market industry for Airstar, Inc., which is manufacturing and repair of small jet engines and pistons is changing rapidly and is also facing tough competition from major competitors such as General Electric and Pratt & Whitney (Daft, Richard. P.84). According to our textbook organization design, is the process of administering and executing the strategic plan. By doing this the organization or company achieves its mission and goals. This process also addresses human resouce policies, the organization culture, the type of production technology, and linkages to other organizations.(Daft, Richard.p.56) Currently, Airstar, doesn’t have a current organizational goal that makes the company competitive. Since the company has never been under any threats this lead to a more chaotic work environment and frustration among employees and management personnel. Airstar management needs to create/develop or revise their direction-setting process in order to succeed and move forward. This process will give the company an end purpose and direction to remain in business and stay competitive in their market. Mr. Morgan will need to assess the external environment for opportunities and threats, amount of change, uncertainty, and resource available. He will also need to assess the internal strengths and weakness in order to define the company’s distinctive competence with other firms in the industry (Daft, Richard. p. 56).

In conclusion, the two basic elements that need to be restore concurrently in order to move the company forward are: organizational design with an emphasis in the mission, and task organization stressing the importance of the strategic direction. The principal leader of the company must assemble key managers and discuss the situation, define the mission, and delineate responsibilities. In a clear and uncertain language the...
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