Airport Technical Services

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On Daily basis Aviation experts all over the world keep reminding the Airline passengers that Air Travel remains the safest means of transportation in the world and in other to achieve this the aviation community put in alot of hardwork and high stardards as Standard levels are a long- standing system defence in Aviation, designed to minimise the risk of Aircraft cruising in opposite directions coming into conflict (Flight Safety Australia 2011).
Air Transportation relies on alot of technical support and services and these services can be found at many airports and these operational services found at different airports can be easily grouped together under Airport Techinical Services . Their primany concerns are safety of Aircraft operations in terms of control , navigation, communications and information.(Ashford,Stanton and Moore 1995)
The Relationship between Airlines and Airport Techincal Services can be described as an unavoidable relationship as one can hardly exist without the other and relevant standards have to be maintained by both parties alongside with the rules and regulations.In this report we will be Identifying all technical services that airports provide to airlines, we will be defining all their importance, we will be analysing the airlines safety requirements and we will also discuss the relationship of Airport techinical Services.

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