Airport Security 1

 Tougher Airport Security Is Necessary Hundreds of millions of people enter the United States each year—including 87 million by air. That's a big customer-service challenge. Meanwhile, there exists a big amount of unsafe factors to threaten the security of this nation. Therefore, an airport security officer's job is not only to move passengers quickly and smoothly through immigration and customer, but also to keep threats out of the country. In my opinion, the strict airport security is necessary and important. First of all, rigorous airport security could help turn away terrorists from U.S. Borders. After the 911 attacks, all the airports in the United States have taken several tougher measures to protect their homeland from terrorism, such as body scanner and Automated Targeting System. The assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security also emphasized, "As the events over the last several years have made us all aware, the threat of terrorism against the United States has increased. Aviation is, and will remain an attractive target for terrorists, so protecting civil aviation continues to be an urgent national issue." Even though those safety precautions have made some achievements, some terrorists are still sparing no effort in threatening the security of the United States .For example, “on December 21,2005, an attempt was made by British citizen Richard Reid to ignite a shoe bomb on an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami.” Fortunately, Reid was controlled by some alerted fellow travelers in the end. What if he succeeded in igniting the shoe bomb, could you imagine the result? It would be a horrible tragedy. Somebody would begin to interrogate how he could take so dangerous bomb through the airport security. Hence, tougher airport security is really crucial, and it also should be supported and promoted to guarantee the passengers' safety. Secondly, airport security isn't just a useful tool against terrorists. “It has also

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