Airport Operation and Passengers Service

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We are one of the Station Controllers on duty. We received a call at 1540 from a supervisor on duty at gate number 80, saying that there were a group of 12 JCL passengers, who are the Senior Government Representatives from the Province of Yunnan, are missing at the gate while the rest of the passengers (around 300 passengers) have already boarded the aircraft. The main shopping facilities in the South Concourse of the passenger terminal building are about 20 minutes away from gate number 80.

According to the Missing Passenger Report, the group had a totally of 26 pieces of checked baggage and they were loaded into 2 different baggage containers. It needs 10 minutes to offload all their baggage and reload the containers. The STD of the flight is 1600 and if the flight delays, it can only be given slot for departure in 1645 and the next departure time is 2300 at night.

For the sake of protecting the rights and benefits of the rest passengers, we decided not to wait for those 12 missing JCL passengers even they are the Senior Government Representatives from the Province of Yunnan of PROC.

The reasons of why we decided not to wait for them are threefold including pecuniary costs, goodwill and other factors.

Firstly, for the pecuniary costs, we have to pay for additional rental fees and compensations if we wait for the group of missing passengers. The original STD is 1600 and the given slot for delay departure is 1645. If we wait for them, the flight 188 from HKG to LAX will be delayed for 45 minutes. We need to rent the parking gate longer and pay additional parking fee, thus, we may suffer monetary loss. Furthermore, the flight has to take off at a new time sort (1645). Therefore, we need to pay an additional cost for renting the run way.

On Cathay Pacific flight 188, two units were express cargo which cannot be delayed due to agreement with customers. Thus, if the flight delays, we needed to compensate for the cargo express. Meanwhile, we may have to give some compensation to the rest passengers to calm them down and we need to pay for additional cost.

Secondly, our company’s goodwill will be affected. As the flight was full, the rest passengers will suffered from the delayed flight. This sudden delay is unfair to them and they might be uproar in the cabin. Our company may receive complaints from them as well.

Also if we decide to wait for the 12 JCL passengers, we have to bear some risks. On one hand, there are about 70% of the passengers have interline connection to different airlines and destinations and the average connecting time for these passengers was 65 minutes only. Thus, if we wait for the missing government representatives, many passengers who have interline connection may be affected. Due to the 45-minute delay, they might have only about 20 minutes connecting time which is very rush and it bears a high risk of missing flight. We may receive complains from them and lose our goodwill.

In addition, one unit of the cargo in this flight was perishable. If the flight delay, the perishable goods will be rotten. The passengers may make complaint about this and they may no longer willing to choose us for transporting cargo.

Last but not least, there are other factors goading us not to wait for them. The gate number 80 is about 20 minutes away from the main shopping facilities in the south concourse of the passenger terminal building. The call was received at 1540 which was only 20 minutes before the schedule time of departure. Thus, if we found them, we still needed to bear the risk that they may not be able to board the plane on time. As the offloading and reloading of baggage take about 10 minutes, if we decided to wait for them until the last minute, we cannot offload their baggage. However, if they could not arrive the boarding gate on time, we would not have enough time to handle their baggage before STD 1600. It means that the flight will still...
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