Airport Infrastructures

Topics: Airport, Instrument flight rules, Visual flight rules Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: December 10, 2012
1- A) Terminal building
The terminal building is one of the most important infrastructures of an airport. Each year, so many people travel through airports. The terminal building provides the necessary services to the passengers that make their transition between airside and landside very comfortable. Within the terminal building, many facilities are provided to passengers such as, retail shopping, restaurants and baggage processing. Inside the terminal, there are facilities that make the passengers well prepared for flying. Then, they flow through security check to insure a secure flight. b) Runway

The runway is considered as the most important part of the airfield. Without a runway, aircrafts will not be able to take off or land in the airport, so passengers will not be able to fly as well. As a result, there will not be an existence of the airport. Runways must be very thick and strong enough so that it can bears the heavy weight of an aircraft. It also should be long to provide enough distance for the aircraft to completely stop. Runways are maintained usually to make sure that there is no danger for the aircraft while taking off or landing. c) Air Navigation

Imagine when the pilot flies an aircraft in a high altitude from the ground, with all the clouds which make it impossible to determine the direction of the flight. Air navigation is used for guiding the aircrafts from one place to another, making sure that they never get lost, breaking laws or being harmed. Air navigation helps the aircraft to travel safely in a specific position en route.

When the pilot flies the aircraft, he probably will not be able to see the ground from that height. The pilot, weather he is flying under visual flight rules, or instrument flight rules, depends on air navigation to navigate exclusively using the NavAids and communicating with the controller, who is using air navigation as well to give the pilot the right instructions.

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