Airport Information Systems

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Today most airports are facing problem in challenges that lie in the ability to respond to respond to the growing requirements of the many departments involved in operation, statistical and financial information. In order to have different department contained with in an airport working in harmony they must link and integrate their resources, people, equipment, facilities and information access the airport’s local and work area network Airport management system has proven to increase financial resources by dramatically increasing airport efficiency and ensuring that all aircrafts movement and services are invoiced correctly.

A typical airport management system with information flowing between a central database connected to the airport LAN or WAN.


Airport Information Systems' (AIS) complete, fully-integrated software solution includes: • Aeronautical management systems with billing engines • Flight information display systems
• Staff information via the Intranet
• ATC administration systems with over flight billing
• Cash invoicing
• E-Boarding passenger security systems
• Ledger accounting


The Airport 20/20 Operational Database (AODB) ensures that every person working at the airport has the information they need at the time they need it. Moreover, the use of a single database by all functions ensures data input and usage is optimized and efficient and that information distribution occurs immediately.


Airport billing is becoming more and more complex with surcharges, discounts and targets. Its billing engines along with its online validation, simplifies the creation of invoices, and ensures that all movements and services are charged correctly. Etihad has implemented the e-ticketing system following a successful fast-track project undertaken over the last four months, which has gained praise from the International Air Transport...

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