Airport Ground Services to Airlines

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Airport Ground
Services to Airlines

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Ground handling is a main part in airport and airlines industry the reason is that its all about time, money and safety. There are three type of ground handling models around the world.frist one us model that airlines they have their own ground handling staff and they provide their own ground handling. And the second one Eu model that airport provide ground handling to airlines and they manage their own staff. And they last one their party ground handling model
Airport or airlines hire some agents to do that for them.

In this topic we gone write about process of airport provide ground handling to airlines. From this model its good for airlines depend on their number of their routes and flight throw that airport and its always good for airport they always make good money throw this.

Ground handling * Eu model * Usa model * Third party model

Cost is the biggest challenge for airlines. The always try to minimize their cost from investing new thing s to this industry to save the time and cut the labor cost .for eg now these days we all have smart phones we can get our boarding pass throw online don’t need to have more check in staff. Mobile bag check in u can do it buy your self. And in Dubai they currently have their bag storage machine to fast up their baggage handing.

Ground handling

Ground handling airlines always looking to decrees the cost and time and increases their productivity with their safety. We have two type of ground handling.

Ground handling * Airside * Terminal


Terminal is the first place customer get to terminal ground handling is all about managing passengers.

Terminal 1. Baggage check 2. Baggage handling 3. Baggage claim 4. Check in 5. Passenger loading 6. Transit passenger handling 7. Service desk 8. Load control 9. Security 10. Cargo

Now these days

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