Airpork Meat in Singapore

Topics: Cooking, Consumer protection, Pork Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: July 20, 2008
Why was Australian Pork industry (API) able to become major pork provider to Singapore? What wise marketing decisions that were made that cause the success? •The Nipah virus outbreak gave the API a valuable opportunity to increase its supplies due to desperate demand of “virus-free” pork. •At the same time, the Australian counterparts also put in great efforts to study the Singapore market – find out what consumer wants (virus-free fresh pork meat) - what and how Australian Pork suppliers can do to meet these wants (establish quality control programme/ set temperature control standard for supply chain) •They have put in effort when deciding the name and logo for product. They have used a name and logo which gave consumer an image of freshness & healthy – which reflects its product image – freshness. A brand name that is easy to remember and identify. A “Aussie-pork” sticker on every product to differentiate itself from other competitors. •APL did a mass advertising, carrying out promotion activities and engaged an ambassador for the brand – introduce the brand to the consumers; addressed the issues of farming practice/procedures, health & nutritional benefits – send a clear message out to consumers, give them reassurance – Airpork brand represents freshness, healthy, save to consume. What further could the API do to further increase its pork sales in Singapore & elsewhere? Singapore market:

APL has to address the product quality management issues first, before start thinking of how to increase sales in Singapore. •APL works with CAPE to engage specialists on how to maintain the meat temperature during shipment- a special carcass with insulator which can keep the meat at low temperature? •APL may has to invest $ to increase its chiller space and improve its refrigeration facilities. •APL has to address the certificates issuance problem with CAPE and discuss on possible ways to expedite the process.

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