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Topics: Airline, British Airways, Southwest Airlines Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 19, 2009
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The industry I am researching is Airlines as this is one of the large industries in the UK and has grown massively over the last couple of years. About 1.25 million people (number from travel on an aeroplane every year, making the company around £167 billion every year. The industry creates around 150 million jobs for people making it a large part for a lot of people’s everyday life. The importance of the industry is large as people like to have a yearly holiday or breaks away and they rely on this industry doing that for them. Also a lot more people are moving abroad these days and therefore they want quick, cheap and accessible transport from country to country. Other industries rely on the airline industry for example business’s need there staff to travel up and down the country or abroad to meet other businesses. However the most undermined and important industry which relies on the airline industry is for the transport of mail and parcels for all the companies in the UK.

Today the airline industry is still growing. The number of companies and organisations in this industry is 91 airlines which run from the UK to all different countries around the world. Some of the biggest advertising names are in the airline industry such as “Virgin” and “British Airways” these names are known worldwide and bring in a lot of money everyday. “Easyjet” is another example of a huge airline within the industry and brings in a lot of money and customers every day. The airline industry’s size has grown over the last couple of years because of people buying planes and making there own companies trying to make there company be the cheapest and fastest business within the industry.

The significant issues which are facing the airline industry is the money problem the UK is having at the minute. For example the price of fuel has gone up, there is a large hole being made in each of the...
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