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DCO11610 Introduction to Aviation Industry
Airline Business Project

Region of operation: global
50 competitors
Net work : long+short ( domestic+international) (cargo, passenger Premium econ + econ
Low cost service level( provide food for sale)
Capital: 217645714.75
Type of aircrafts: airbus (reduce pilot training cost) with GE engine: A300-600GE( reduce the maintaining cost) A300-600RGE A310-300GE A300-600FGE A310-200FGE satisfy the length of runway of destination of the first quarter Fuel saving, Layover time(臨時滯留) Max. distance, max. cargo, seating, speed

1 quarter: within china (Chengdu, shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, xi an) 2 quarter: international short haul (Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong kong, Seoul) 3 quarter: international long haul

4 quarter: 5th freedom
, High density,
Location of headquarter: Beijing

Demand forecast – bar chart for showing the demand
Airport information: length of runway (???) use the range by distance Configure aircraft: Economy: $250 with no facilities
Seat pitch: 28 ( according to ……………Kenny MA Seat row : 2/4/2 TABLE OF SEAT DISTribution of each type of aircraft Passenger service: sale newspaper, snacks for sale, sofa drink and alcohol, Staff cap pic.

Manager cap pic.\
2 quarter: open multi language training
Schedule flight : daily round
A (60 hours)+B (500 hours) check
Turn around time: 45mins-60mins

Marketing: airfares----70%

First quarter is focus on domestic flight in china major city including SZX, CAN, XIY, KMG, NKG, CTU. With few competitor.
Marketing research
First quarter is focus on domestic flight in china major city including SZX, CAN, XIY, KMG, NKG, CTU. With few competitor.
Marketing research


Our airline was named as “Super Air”, with IATA code SA which was established in Beijing, China since 2010. We started our airline with budget $217,645,714.75. The use of aircrafts was both for cargo and passengers. We operated our aviation service with low cost carriers, for example we did not provide any free in-flight amenities , meal , beverage service in short haul and basic in long haul, newspaper, snack, soft drinks and alcoholic were all charged for sales. The region of our airline operated was global. The business network of our airline included both long-haul flight and short-haul flight for international route and domestic route respectively. We provided premium economy class and economy class for both long haul flight and short haul flight. Our fleet concluded total 12 aircrafts. Aircrafts included types of A300-600, A300-600R, A310-300, A300-600F and A310-200F, which were all with General Electric CF6 as engine. <-only quarter 1? On scheduling, we decided to start our first quarter of our airline by focusing on the domestic short-haul flight in China only, such as operated flight to Chengdu(CTU), Shanghai(PVG), Shenzhen(SZX), Guangzhou Baiyun(CAN), Kunming(KMG), Nanjing(NKG) and Xianyang(XIY). Secondly, we decided to develop some short-haul flights on international routes(Asia region) in our second quarter. Destinations included Tokyo Haneda(HND), Osaka Kansai(KIX), Taipei Shek(TPE), Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok(HKG) and Seoul Incheon(ICN). Thirdly, in our third quarter, we started to operate some long haul flights on international routes. Fourthly, in our fourth quarter …....

Business details
(aircraft,services standard,staffing)
There were three settings were remained the...
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