Airline Service Management

Topics: Airline, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines Pages: 6 (1483 words) Published: December 30, 2008

Year 2008/09, Semester 2
Continual Assessment 2 – GROUP PROJECT and PRESENTATION - 20%



From the pilots who guide private, commercial and cargo aircraft safely to their destinations…to professionals who control the nation’s air traffic system from the ground…to managers and executives who make vital decisions about the future of aviation….to the crew who look after the passengers on a flight……all part of the growing field of aviation the world over.

The aim of this project is to give you a better understanding of the various management concepts as well as for you to research further into various sectors of the aviation world outside of lectures and tutorials.

The project is to be done in groups of 5’s (4 groups per class). It is two fold. The first section is the written project that must be submitted on Tuesday, 20 January 2009 no later than 4.28pm (1628 hours) Singapore time.

In the airline industry, punctuality is of vital importance as each minute of delay causes the company to incur unnecessary costs. Late submission hence would be costly with penalties imposed.

The second part is the oral presentation which will be presented at tutorials during the weeks of 28 January to 06 February 2009. The actual dates and order of groups presenting will be decided during the week of 05 to 09 January 2009.

Requirements for Written Project – 10%

Each group is to have a leader who in turn will delegate work to the other members of the group. The leader must also have work assigned to him /herself.

You are to be as creative as need be and there are no limits or restrictions to your creativity.

There will also be Peer evaluation. The ratings must be reflective of the individual’s performance and not just a “5” for everything. This evaluation will be used when reviewing class participation.

Details are:

- A minimum of 18 pages and no more than 22 pages, single sided and not inclusive of attachments, bibliographies, photos, references, cover page, table of contents etc. - 1.5 spacing and in Ariel font size 12.

- Any attachments, photos etc can be added to the back of the project and should not be part of the actual report pages. - The front cover should state the name of the group and your project name as well as the names of all members of the group and your class. - The report should be concise, organised, logical, practical but creative. - Please submit your report to Mr. Ron Sathianathan in Room 22420 by the above stated date and time. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

Requirements of the Oral Presentation – 10%

Details are:

- Your presentation will include all members of the group. - Any member not present or not presenting sufficient material will see the group losing valuable points. - Again, you may be as creative as need be but please include the use of power point slides or any other visual effects that will enhance your presentation. - Your creativity should again be logical, practical and reasonable. - You should use terminology as practiced in the airline industry. - The group will have 25 minutes maximum for the presentation and this will be followed by 15 minutes for Question and Answer. - During Q&A, not only will the presenting group be judged on their replies but the class (audience) will also be judged on the kind of questions put forth as part of their grading. Hence, overall participation of the entire class is essential for all.

Please ask your module coordinator should you have any questions.

Now, the project for CA 2 is as attached and please do not forget to name your airline.

Good Luck and “HAPPY FLYING”!!


Previously, you have heard a lot about Donald Trump, both in the world of Gaming and Resorts.

In the Airline Industry, there is...
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