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OPERATING SYSTEM Assignment Question 1
Students are required to choose an Operating system (OS) and study the OS in term of: •History and development
File management
Process management
Memory management
Device management
Network management

Question 2
From the knowledge gained, the student are requires to draft a new version of OS that include a new name for the OS , LOGO, design principles and so on and prepare for the Report and presentation 1.Deliverable:

i. A write up/ report (approximately 15-25 pages of the finding. ii.Report submission is on week 11th (tutorial session)
i.A 15 minutes presentation of the assignment
ii.Presentation Is on week 13th and week 14th (tutorial session)

OPERATING SYSTEM Assignment Question 1
1.0 Introduction
The operating system I choose for the assignments is Windows Vista. In this assignment will brief about term of Windows Vista, Such as history and development, file management, process management, memory management, device management, network management and security of the Windows Vista. Windows Vista introduces the next generation operating system technology and software development platform that will be used by application developers and enterprises worldwide. As part of enhancing the security and user experience of Windows Vista, many new features and been introduced and existing features have been improved. Windows Vista compatibility is high, and Microsoft is continuously striving to achieve the best possible compatibility solutions for existing applications for Windows Vista. There are several new features that will enable developers to troubleshoot and workaround applications that do not function properly under Windows Vista, such as the Compatibility tab. Users can right-click the shortcut or the EXE. Additionally, the user can choose Run this program as administrator if the application needs administrator privileges and the user possesses those rights. For more information, see the "User Account Control" section in this document.

OPERATING SYSTEM Assignment Question 1
2.0 History and development of Windows Vista
The histories of Windows Vista, Vista are Whistler, Longhorn and Blackcomb which are actually real names of places in British Columbia. Both Whistler and Blackcomb are ski resorts while Longhorn is the little bar in between the two ski sites. In Microsoft, the names became code names. Whistler was actually Windows XP, Longhorn was Windows Vista and Blackcomb is yet an unknown higher operating system version. Windows Vista is intended to be an interim system. Even before Windows XP was released, Microsoft made it known that since May of 2001, they were working on the development of a new operating system. The general excitement became apparent and since the second half of the year 2002, build leaks, both fake and real, crept into the internet. As early as June 2002, there was already some talk that Vista would have improved security features and a more modern look By the last few months of 2003, the development of Windows Vista suffered a setback when Microsoft realized that they were not making good progress. It seemed as if there was no apparent focus on what the final product should be. The path of Longhorn then had to be properly mapped with the goal of making Vista better. It somehow became apparent in the middle of 2003 that Longhorn would never make it for an early release. The release was then pushed to the early part of 2005. Some saw this as a sign of Microsoft’s commitment to the development of the new system. The style of Aero finally came into focus in an 1 April 2005 build. Two months after, the name Windows Vista was unveiled. For many, the system name brought the hope of achieving greater ease and clarity. On 27 July 2005, Windows Vista Beta 1 was released. Beta testers had their first taste of a new user...
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