Airline Operation

Topics: Air safety, Air traffic control, Aviation accidents and incidents Pages: 4 (681 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Air Accidents and Investigation Procedures
Air Accidents
* This is an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft where as a result of the operation of an aircraft, any person (either inside or outside the aircraft) receives fatal or serious injury or any aircraft receives substantial damage. The occurrence is also not caused by the deliberate action of one or more persons and that leads to damage or injury. Types of Air Accidents

* Pilot Errors - either an airplane pilot makes a mistake while operating the controls or a pilot makes a poor decision about filing in adverse weather conditions.  * Mechanical Errors - which can prevent the plane from flying, landing safely, or taking off correctly.  * Air Traffic Control Errors - Pilots rely on air traffic controllers to keep them and their passengers safe. A small error could lead to a collision between two plane or a mistaken take-off or landing. * Maintenance Negligence - If an aircraft is not properly maintained or repaired as required by the FAA, it could result in a plane accident and aircraft accident injuries. * Adverse Weather Condition - Ice, snow, fog, and winds can all affect how a plane performs in the air. Ice on the wings or strong gusts of wind could lead to a plane crash, especially in the case of inexperienced pilots.  * Fuelling Errors - Running out of fuel during a flight will logically lead to serious problems including crash landings Origin of Mayday

* An international radio-telephone signal word used as a distress call * Came from a French word “m'aider” which means “HELP ME!” * First known use in 1927
Safest Part of an Aircraft
* There is no safe part on any plane or aircraft for it depends on how the error emerged. But for instance, the part that we could say the safest is the empennage, because when the aircraft crashes the empennage has the lowest rate of destruction. That is why the “black box” is placed there. When an error...
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