Airline Industry Analysis 2

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Air travel remains a large and growing industry. It facilitates economic growth, world trade, international investment and tourism and is therefore central to the globalization taking place in many other industries (Airline Industry, 2000). In Globalization era, Airplane industries are really important to move people to another place. It’s really reliable and secure. Compare with five decades ago. Airplane was frightening and costly. People try to find new technological innovation in airplane industry to devoted passenger more cheaply and safely. It proved that each generation of new plane such as Boeing and airbus has been more reliable carried the passenger. In Malaysia, there are two well-known Airline company. They are Malaysia Airline and Airasia. They divide by the service that they provide. For example, Air Asia Provides no-frill airline and low-cost. On the other hand, Malaysia Airline emphasis in luxurious travel and provide good service to their customer. Airline industry in Malaysia is really important to expand their tourism.

Political Environment

It is an industry that provides air transport service for passenger and also for cargo and mail. We can divide this industry into two categories based on the destination; there are local or domestic flight and international flight. For airline industry political stability means everything for them especially for international flight. International flight is air transport service between two countries or more. The most common political issue that may influence the industry is relationship between the countries. For airline industry in Malaysia, to flying outside Malaysia is difficult. Bilateral agreement can effect the price decision making, because this issue is one of the obstacles in the way of truly pan-Asia budget carriers. Landing charges at so-called "gateway airports" and navigation charges are often prohibitively expensive, and in key destinations like Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore there are no cheaper, secondary airports. The budget airline industry in south-east Asia has been underdeveloped because the aviation market is tightly regulated by bilateral air rights agreements (Oppapers, 2008) beside that bilateral air right agreement means the safety of the plane, while flight a plane should report to the nearest tower in every country they pass. The pilot should send the tower all info about the plane, the destination, condition and many more, so we conclude that political in this case relationship among countries is very important in this business.

The other reason why political forces is very important is: not every country can make the spare part for plane, like Boeing this plane’s spare part only produce in America. For long destination flight Air Asia use Boeing plane, because it has more capacities and more fuel and better jet machine. This condition also happen in Malaysian Airlines most of their plane is Boeing type, so to get the spare part Malaysian government must build a good relationship with united states, because spare part is really important for maintaining and fix the plane. There is not issue that happen to Indonesia a couple years ago, Indonesia was have a bad relationship with America, so America boycott the spare part and ammo and missile for F-16 (military plane) which is only made in there, so at that time Indonesia can’t use almost all F-16 that they have and it very dangerous which directly affecting the stability of safety of the country.

Economic Environment

Malaysian Airline industries will review unprofitable routes and freeze recruitment as part of wide-ranging measures to cut costs and the major problem that the entire airline industries economic decline is rising fuel price. June 6 2008 will be remembered as the year that marks the largest number of fatalities in the airline industry as to-date 24 of them have gone bust, and there is no sign of this number...

Cited: on 21 June 2006), Available from:
Figure 1: fly-by-wire control technology
Figure 2: example of e-ticket
Figure 3: noises pollution statistics
Figure 4: water pollution statistics
Figure 5: Air pollution statistics
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