Aircraft Structure: Tutorial

Topics: Valve, Valves, Hydraulics Pages: 3 (498 words) Published: March 14, 2012
1. List major component in the overall structure of an aircraft. a. Fuselage
b. Wings.
c. Empennage.
d. Landing gear.
e. Power plant.

2. The main functions of the fuselage are:
a. Holds all the piece of the aircraft together.
b.House the cockpit and provide area for passengers.
c.Provide room for cargo and attachment o\points for the major airplane components.

3. What are the main structural components of the wing? Explain briefly their functions.
The main structural components of the wing are spar, stringers and ribs. Spar carries flight loads and the weight of the wing whilst on the ground. Ribs determine the shape and thickness of the wing. Stringers are attached to formers and run the longitudinal direction of the aircraft.

4. List briefly the various functions of the electrical system in an aircraft
The primary function of an aircraft electrical system is to generate, regulate and distribute electrical through the aircraft. The aircraft electrical power is used to operate aircraft flight instrument, essential systems such as anti-icing and passenger services.

5. List 4 methods by which mechanical power is transmitted in an aircraft.
a. Pneumatic.
b. Hydraulic.
c. Electric.
d. Mechanical.
6. List the main components of an aircraft hydraulic system and describe briefly their functions.
a. Control valve
- To direct the flow of the flow fluid from pump to operate jack and permit fluid from return side of jack to return to reservoir or header tank.
b. Relief valve
- To prevent damage though excessive pressure.
c. One-Way Restrictor.
- Reduces the flow of fluid in one direction only, thereby slowing the movement of the component being operated.
d. Non-Return Valve (NRV)
- To allow full fluid flow in one direction only.
e. Two-Way Restrictor
- Restricts flow of fluid in both directions.
f. Throttling Valve
- Maintains constant flow irrespective of volume or pressure, ensure smooth...
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