Aircraft Solution

Topics: Security, Risk, Computer security Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Aircraft Solutions (AS)
Security Overview 
Aircraft Solutions is a well respected equipment and component fabrication company who 
provides a full spectrum design and implementation solutions to several industries which
 includes; electronics, aerospace, commercial and the defense sectors. Aircraft Solutions employs 
a range of highly qualified professionals and houses an immense production plant, with an 
overall goal of providing high-quality solutions to accommodate specifications from a wide
range of customer demands.

The following report is a security assessment on Aircraft Solutions
and the primary objective in this assessment is to identify the existence of vulnerabilities present 
within the global context of Aircraft Solutions’ operations. An evaluation of the associated 
threats will be deduced, accompanied by the exposed weaknesses. This will be followed by an
analysis of the degree of risk present. Finally, there will be a focus on the consideration of the
 consequences resulting from revealing of potential threats.

Hardware and policy will be the main focus of this investigation. It will be narrowed down more 
to hardware issues.

It is very curious that there is no firewall implemented between the
commercial division and the Internet. The Defense Department must be routed through
Headquarters, but the Commercial department is connected straight to the Internet. This is a
significant vulnerability. The second weakness that will be examined is the security policy
stating router and firewall rule sets should be evaluated every two years. Such a time span
between rule-set evaluations is also a substantial liability to the continued and unimpeded
 success of the organization. Further elaboration of the identified security vulnerabilities is 

Hardware Vulnerabilities:
The issue pertaining to Aircraft Solution’s hardware weakness is that of the lack of adequate
 protection implemented between its...

References: Northrop, T. (2010). Firewalls. Microsoft/Technet. Retrieved Nov 14th 2010 from, The
Scottish Government: Model for Organizational Risk Management. Risk Matrix. Retrieved
November 14th, 2010
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