Aircraft Maintenance manuals

Topics: Air safety, Federal Aviation Administration, Management Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: March 31, 2013
An airport cannot function without management. An airport manager may work for a large international airport or they may work for a small municipal airport, but generally the job duties and description will be almost the same. The main responsibility of the airport manager is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the airport on a daily basis. This includes supporting staff and making sure that all staff is able to provide polite, prompt and correct information to travels, know airport policies and procedures, scheduling the appropriate number of staff, ensuring that all ticketing and security systems are in excellent working condition and troubleshooting any problems are all part of the airport managers job. The airport manager works closely with federal and state aviation committees and department that generate rules and regulations for all aspects of airport business and security. The airport manager must ensure that all aspects of the airport are functioning within these regulations or he or she must take the necessary actions to bring them into compliance. This may mean directly working with airport staff or working with the employees or businesses that rent space in the airport terminal. With working with airport staff, the manager must have a good amount of knowledge to understand the issues the staff is working with, such as aircraft maintenance. Aircraft maintenance is an important matter in which managers should have a good understanding of. Without good management in aircraft maintenance, conflicts can damage the safety and efficiency of an airport. As a manager, it is important to hire the most qualified technician and mechanic for operating on aircraft systems and maintenance. The aviation technician should be able to catch up with the new technologies as quickly as possible. New aircraft technology is brought in regularly, aircraft are regularly upgraded. Choosing the appropriate training methods and developing efficient and helpful training...

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