Airbus A3XX

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Should Airbus proceed with the new model?Yes. The A3XX will constitute a new family of bigger and better aircraft with a high degree of common operational characteristics, particularly in the cockpit design, in accordance with Airbus's philosophy. For the first time, the airline companies will be able to provide much more room than has ever been available. Passengers will be more comfortable and the operating costs will be between 12 and 20% lower than those of the current B-747.

The A3XX is the solution to the problem of growing demand for air travel, which is expected to triple over the next twenty years. At the same time, it is the most efficient solution since a greater number of passengers can be carried without there being the need to build new airports. Moreover, it is quieter than any current passenger plane so that it will be perceived as "a good neighbor".

As it is mentioned on the case, the first version of the A3XX will have 555 seats in three classes and a range of between 14,200 and 16,200 km. This plane will be the first passenger aircraft with four aisles, two on the main deck and two on the upper deck and there will be two stairways to ensure easy passenger flow during boarding and disembarkation. These factors would definitely differentiate the new A3XX from the current B-747. Likewise, great efforts have been made to ensure that the A3XX can be used on existing airport runways, taxi strips and parking areas, with minimal modifications that can be rapidly introduced into the normal evolution of the airport.

Furthermore, with a wing span of 79 m and a maximum length of 77 m, the A3XX will be able to taxi within the "80 m x 80 m box" that has been adopted as standard for the world's major airports. The A3XX will also have the potential for increasing its capacity and range. Freight and combo versions are planned, as are short range smaller versions. The A3XX's wider and more spacious cabin mean a versatile fuselage section that will allow airline

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