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Section 1: Background of the Organisation

Products and Markets-Airbus
Snapshot of current Operations-Airbus
Future Prospects of Airbus

Section 2 : Questions about Organisation –Airbus

Section 3 : Bibliography

Airbus history
Airbus was formally agreed in 1967. Ministers from France, Germany, and Britain agreed “for the purpose of strengthening European co-operation in the field of aviation technology and thereby promoting economic and technological progress in Europe, to take appropriate measures for the joint development and production of an airbus.” At the Le Bourget airshow in Paris, France. French minster for transport Jean Chamant sat down with Karl Schiller in an attempt to design the cabin of a new aircraft destined to reshape the aviation industry. Jean Chamant and Karl Schiller signed an agreement officially launching the A300. This was the world’s first twin-engine wide body passenger jet. This was to be built by a German-French consortium with help from the Dutch and British.

The go ahead of the A300 was the formal beginning of the Airbus programme. The Paris airshow 1969 was the official birth of the joint partnership between the Europeans, This was an idea that could have failed miserably without the passion and dedication that the Airbus Pioneers gave in order to make it succeed. Criticism

Roger Béteille, Felix Kracht, Henri Ziegler and Franz-Josef Strauss where told numerous times how a wide body passenger jet could not be operated over long distances safely with just twin-engines. Three engines was the accepted minimum. Béteille, Kracht, Ziegler and Franz-Josef Strauss had no choice but pursue their intentions to build the first twin-engine aircraft as they had set out to reshape the aviation industry. Roll Royce Fails Airbus

Roger Béteille wanted a more powerful engine than was then available, Roll-Royce had already begun developing a new engine, the RB211, This was to be aimed at the American market. Roll Royce had already gave their word that they would build a version with more thrust. The RB207, this was to be specifically built for Airbus, As time went by it became clear that Roll Royce had took on to much of a task and they had put all their efforts and funds into the RB211. All development on the RB207 had stopped. This left Airbus with no engine. New Developments

The A310 marked the beginning of the “Airbus Family” development and, The A310 which was lighter weight and improved fuel efficiency attracted new costumers. The improved fuel efficiency was a huge attraction as there was an oil crises in the past and little did others know there was one looming. The A310 also provided Airbus with improved systems technology, the efficiency and productivity of the ‘glass cockpit’

Thinking Big
In late 1991 Airbus began talking to airlines about how they set out their most ambitious plan yet, they were to build the ‘World’s Largest Passenger Jet’, The A340 could fly further than the Rival “Jumbo”. The A340 showed what it could do at the 1993 Paris airshow; Airbus had continued to pursue its ambitious new objective of capturing 50% of world market. In the same show the A300-200 nick named the “World Ranger” set numerous different records by flying around the whole globe with only one refueling stop, It Begun its journey from Le Bourget, It flew directly to Auckland in New Zealand, It had only been grounded for five hours until it resumed its flight around the world to land in Paris in just 48 hours and 22 minutes.

Increasing Global Presence
In 1994 Airbus had sixteen manufacturing sites in different countries across Europe, the supper guppy which was responsible for transported components for Airbus aircraft to Toulouse was replaced by the A300-600 super transporter, and this would later be known as the...

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