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1.0 Introduction

Air Asia Berhad is the low-cost airline service provider in Malaysia. Air Asia is operating scheduled international flights and domestic. Besides, Air Asia is the largest low-fare, no-frills airline in the Asia region. Air Asia was the first airline in Asia region to implement fully ticketless travel. The main base of Air Asia is Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, its affiliate airlines Thai Air Asia have hubs at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia, respectively. Airline industry in the current market become more competitive compared to last decade. This is because of the existing new competitors no matter in local or international airline service. With this competition among the airline service providers, each of the company needs to be very concern towards consumers’ needs and wants. This is important for the companies to create a great and effective brand image or identity no matter from internal and external sources. Therefore, all the competitors are willing to do so because the brand image has the direct impact to generate consumer satisfaction value. If a company failed to provide the positive brand image, it may directly or indirectly affect the consumers’ decision making on choosing the airline service. Consumers may shift to the other competitors which offered better experience. Nowadays, Airline services are becoming more competitive comparing last decade ago. Now, the most familiar airline service providers include Malaysia Airline, Air Asia, Jetstar and so on. Those airline services are most probably providing the air transport services for passengers. Scope

3.1 Scope Statement
The purpose of collecting the information is to show the services provided by Air Asia in Malaysia. The areas will be evaluated are the response of the respondents in the customers’ satisfaction, customers services, security services, and facilities by Air Asia in Malaysia.

3.1.1 Customers’ Satisfaction
In this area, it investigates the level of customer satisfaction among the customers who fly with Air Asia, a budget airline in Malaysia. The factors which investigated involved price offered, pre-flight services, customer relationship management, cabin environment and in-flight services. The independent variable is customer satisfaction. A quantitative approach’ findings show that there is no relationship between the price offered by Air Asia in Malaysia and the satisfaction level of the customers. The factors such as the pre-flight services, customer relationship management, small environment and in-flight services on Air Asia have shown positive significant relationship with customer satisfaction. It looks like that Air Asia customers are no longer view the price as an issue as they are already enjoying currently when they are travelling. The management of Air Asia Berhad should focus their resources towards delivering customer satisfaction. Customers' satisfaction is very important to marketers of products and services because a satisfied customer engages in favorable behavior intention such as repeating purchase.

3.1.2 Customers Services
Air Asia offers Air Asia Cargo, Air Asia Go, Air Asia Megastore, Air Asia RedTix, Air Asia Travel Protection, SkyRider Kids Club, and Travel 3Sixty. The airlines industry sale office located in different location which include Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Saudi Arabia etc. It actually operates in over 400 locations worldwide covering 25 countries including Myanmar, Brunei, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Laos, India, Taiwan (the Republic of China), Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. Moreover, it has service such as online booking service and baggage allowance.

Air Asia Online Booking
For individual booking, it is now easier and fast at their...
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