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Topics: Global Positioning System, Tracking, Radio navigation Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Amir Reza Bahramian
Koreatech University, Air-Trak center, Cheonan si, South Korea November 13, 2013

Fleet manager for Midwest Express
338 S.W. 6th Des Moines,
Iowa 50321
Dear :
I am writing this proposal as the sale manager of Air-Trak for our latest tracking system device. And our company is looking for potential buyers. Here are all the details about our new GPS tracker, hope it can get your attention. OBJECTIVE

The system uses the global positioning system (GPS) to track the location of vehicles and other assets. For example, you can simply click a map display on a computer screen to find out where all the company’s trucks are at that instant. SCOPE OF SERVICES

Making sure vehicles follow prescribed routes, with minimal loitering time. “Geofencing”, in which dispatchers are alerted if vehicles leave assigned routes or designated service areas. Route optimization, in which fleet managers can analyze routes and destinations to find the most time and fuel efficient path for each vehicle. Comparisons between scheduled and actual travel.

Enhanced security, protecting both drivers and cargo.
Our Proposal
We are going to propose to your company to have a trail deployment with equipping five of Midwest Express trucks. BENEFITS
There are many benefits of using our latest GPS tracker device. First of all and the most beneficial one is companies which equipping by our product can reduce their expenses on fuel which cost companies a lot these days. So, we will help you to deliver your product to its destination on the best routs. Second, you don’t need to worry about your products while it’s on delivery because our GPS tracker will alert you once the vehicle change the assigned route. Also, it helps you to track your cargo and checking the drivers within any human resources and make sure that they are doing their job completely. No more excuses for drivers to delay the cargos. So by purchasing our product you are not just saving money but...
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