Air Pollution Summary 5

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Air Pollution
Nicole Ergler
Axia University of Phoenix

Robert Orben once said “There's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there'd be no place to put it all.” Did one ever think of how much pollution they are breathing in every day? Does one ever realize in what ways they are contributing to air pollution?Air pollution is environmentally a global catastrophe. However, the human population does not have the correct knowledge of how to help the environment from these harmful pollutions. How does the human population help stop contributing to air pollution? Air pollution is a persistent problem within the United States as well as worldwide. Air pollution is a matter in which human and animal’s lives are lost. ( 2007)

According to Columbia Encyclopedia (2008), air pollution is contamination of the air by harmful gases in amounts that are known to endanger the health of humans and animals. Combinations of gasoline, automobile emissions, and burning coals and oils all produce several types of air pollutions. According to (2009), fossil fuel emissions are one of the leading causes of air pollution. According to (2009), air pollution can come to our environment in the forms of snow and rain as well. Air pollution can harm a human and/or an animal as well as the environment. Corruption of plants, vegetables, aquatic life, humans, and drinking water are all examples of ways air pollution effects the environment. Air pollution causes respiratory diseases, loss in emotions, fatigue, headaches, loss of sense of direction, and decreased control of muscles and visual sharpness.

A child’s lungs and the lung’s capacity are much smaller than a grown adult’s. How does a child react to air pollutants when the child has asthma? Researches Liu, Poon, Chen, Dales, Frescure, Montuschi, Ciabatonni, and Wheeler (2009) conducted a study on how air pollutants such as: sulfuric dioxide and nitrogen oxides, effected children with asthma. The conclusion to their study was significant. While there was a noticeable decrease in the airway function of lungs, there was also an increase of damage done to the child’s airway passage. In conclusion, air pollutants are much more potent and harmful to a child with asthma.

Pollution to the Earth causes global warming. According to (2009), global warming is the significant accretion of temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land. According to (2009), scientists believe Earth is currently experiencing a period of increased, fast warming brought on by increasing levels of greenhouse gases, in the atmosphere. Global warming exists when greenhouse gases trap heat and sun light in the Earth’s atmosphere. According to (2002), green house gases include but are not limited to: carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane. Electrical pollution, when fossil fuels are burned creating energy, is a main source of energy used by humans that causes global warming. veryday fossil fuels are burned to create a source of energy. Therefore, pollution is seeping into the Earth’s atmosphere sickening adults, children, and animals.

How can humans attack air pollution? According to Calef and Goble (2007), in 1990 California took its’ approach to zero vehicles on the road that produce vehicle emissions. California Area Resources Board conducted a plan to take all battery operated electric vehicles off the road and replace them with zero emissions vehicles. Today, zero emissions vehicles are known as hybrid cars. California Area Resources Board wanted to make the plan mandatory and sell only the zero emissions vehicles in a set amount of time. However, oil industries and popular automobile manufacturers brought controversy to this factor. The United States did not mandate the plan or follow through with the zero emissions vehicles plan. Now, in the year of 2009, hybrid...

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