Air Masses and Fronts

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Air Masses and Fronts
Air masses is every where around us, it creates pressure around our body and keeps us from floating. Air mass is the pressure in the gravity that also has to the temperature in the atmosphere to create different pressure that effects you in different ways. For example, if hot air were to fill a plastic bag it would rise, but if it where cool air that filled the bag it would be less likely to rise than the other. Fronts, on another hand, are produced when a large amount of cool winds go east and a front of hot air would go west and hit they will create an enormous storm that is most likely to bring heavy showers and thunderstorms. Fronts also have to do with the pressure that is in the atmosphere. Advection is when a large amount of warm moist air current of that goes over a cold body of water of land.

Air masses are the differences of the hot air and cold air that come in through different parts of the world and make what are storms that cause many damages. There are a couple of types of air masses that create most of the bodies of winds that collide into each other and sometimes make surging tornadoes. The collision of these air masses usually create many of the worst storms that usually occur in the mid-east. There are also the massive rain storms that have lightning and there are also the tornados that make the wind gust.

Fronts are when massive air currents collide, but it usually occurs when it is a cold and hot current that meet. They hit and make a storm that creates a rain that make thunder storms and other natural storms. These front travel cross country to be crashed into another one half way across the nation. They would be produces in one place on the west of the united states and travel eastward to confront another front.

Advection is fog or mist of condensed clouds of water vapor in the form ice droplets or ice crystals, suspended above in the atmosphere just over the surface of the earth. In heavy populated city the...
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