Air Legistation

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) An aircraft has suffered structural damage due an accident/incident. Describe the inspection and management procedures and relevant paperwork for rectification.

Points I would cover:

Inspection of damage
Approval for repair (OEM/Part 21/CA (CAA in UK))
Embodiment of repair
Inspection and CRS
Reporting of incident

Following the discovery of damage due to an accident or incident there are several procedures and process that must be followed before the aircraft can be returned to surface and to ensure the continuing legality of operations.

The first, and perhaps simplest step, would be to inspect the area of damage with reference to the standard aircraft documentation as appropriate. This would include the structural repair manual (SRM), but may also include other documentation such as the aircraft maintenance manual.

It may be that at this stage it is found that the damage falls within the allowable limits of the SRM, in which instance no further stages may be necessary, though it is likely that the SRM will call for further inspections of the damaged area in future to ensure the damage is not spreading or becoming worse. In this instance, the area and type of damage should be transferred to the aircraft’s damage chart to allow easy location in the future.

Should the damage be found to be beyond the allowable limits as prescribed by the SRM a repair will be necessary. This may be a standard repair as detailed in the SRM, in which case the authority to complete the repair is given by the OEM to the part – 145 organisation under the normal regulations. However, it may be found that due to the location of the damage, or the type of damage, no such standard repair is allowable under SRM procedures in which instance further approval for the repair must be sought.

This approval can come from one of several sources. In the majority of cases a part – 145 organisation will also hold a part – 21 design authority, and as such will be able...
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