Air France Case Study

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Date: November 13, 2010

To: Air France

From: Rob Griffin, U.S. Director of Search

Subject: Air France Digital Marketing Campaign

I’ve analyzed the profitable paid-search campaign our agency has managed for Air France. Going forward, Media Contacts seeks to optimize performance and ROA dollars spent for SEM campaigns. The following recommendations are based on my thorough analysis and SEM planning that integrates SEO and paid-search marketing.


To increase Air France’s share of the U.S. International air travel market by: • Adopting an aggressive SEO strategy
• Launching a pay-per-click campaign and closely monitoring costs • Forming partnerships for affiliate marketing
• Building discount and reward programs
• Soliciting viral marketing campaigns and traveler blogs

Findings and Analysis

Search engines have proven to be increasingly popular among consumer and professionals for researching products, services and organizations. Search engine marketing is the biggest opportunity in online marketing to leverage over a billion internet searches conducted monthly around the world. Digital media must evolve to meet the demands of the ever-changing consumer behavior by consistently adapting strategies and the way it communicates with consumers. To achieve growth, marketers must understand the target audience, make wise media buys, underscore the value of the ad campaign and measure more than clicks. It is the position of Media Contacts that Air France would benefit from an integrated marketing approach to include search engine optimization, pay-per-click sponsored search campaigns and affiliate marketing.

Google is the leading online search engine. Google Universal Search provides relevant results about a query, as well as images, videos, books, scholar, news and blogs. Specialty searches can be geared towards a specific industry, in this case travel, or a media type. Air France can benefit by ensuring website content covers, and is therefore searchable, by each of these platforms with the most important being product search, images and video. Google also offers custom site search which purports, “you can host a search box and results on your own site” ( Benefits include:

• Increase website conversions and sales

• Reduce support costs by enhancing self service

• Display ads-free search results

• Customize search box and results using XML

• Optional Google branding

• Flexible pricing model based on search queries

The Microsoft Network offers a unique marketing experience geared towards a specific customer demographic. As an internet service provider, MSN has been able to capitalize off of its hosting service to gather valuable customer information which can be used to direct personalized marketing messages. Although this may be a more costly method of SEM, it has the potential for a greater conversion rate since the sponsored marketing message will be more relevant to the consumer.

Yahoo employs a different approach to search marketing. They have successfully integrated search with their vast network. By typing in key phrases, users get results along with context-specific content. Yahoo’s search engine is utilized second behind Google.

To effectively manage SEO to provide the greatest return for Air France, Media Contacts will offer the following:

• Registration in the top 3 - 5 search engines in each operating countries

• Maximize index inclusion by monitoring relevant pages from domain within the indexes we are targeting

• Utilize web analytics to achieve keyphrase relevance

• Monitor rankings to defend against algorithm changes

Pay-Per-Click is a model of marketing where advertisers pay specific charges to the host only when their ad is viewed. Within search engines, advertisers bid on...
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