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Sunpharma Group, a chain of pharmacies in Slovakia has recently come under new ownership and the new Director General has recognized the need to improve customer service with the expansion strategy of the company success crown. The company, as a strategic objective stated, “which is a long time favorite and most reputable pharmacy in demand for world-class professionals, comprehensive and individual approach.” The typical pharmacy training addresses the physiological and pharmacological concerns, so was the company to meet the needs of their customer service to pharmacists and technicians. The results of a project of “mystery shopper”, we investigated the quality of pharmacy services in conventional situations, highlighted the lack of interpersonal skills within the pharmacy staff. This case describes the first steps taken by the HR department to analyze the performance of work and identify training needs. The student is asked to design a training program for the company as Director of Human Resources may request the Director-General. by

Sunpharma’s first retail pharmacy was opened in 1998 and with the selling of the company in 2009, a completely new management team developed. Sunpharma organization includedtwenty seven corporate employees in departments of purchasing, finance, marketing, human resources and operations. These corporate staffers supported Sunpharma’s 203 pharmacy employees in thirty five pharmacies.The number of pharmacies in Slovakia was high, creating a highly competitive industryenvironment. Every new Sunpharma pharmacy was designed as a modern open space with alarge self-service section where pharmacists could assist in selection of both prescribed andself-service products. Recruiting was a major source of concern for all pharmacy companiesin Slovakia due to emigration of pharmacists from Slovakia to other European countries forhigher salaries.Sunpharma provided world class services such as drug...
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