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1. The PRIMARY AIM is to spread Christianity, the propagation of Roman Catholicism. 2. The second goal is to gain economic wealth- to generate income to support their government (imposed several forms of taxes and monopolized agricultural products. 3. Another aim is to acquire territories- Spain emerged as a mighty empire. 4. Lastly, Acquisition of Spices- which was expensive during those periods and used in preserving their foods. FERDINAND MAGELLAN: Little Known Facts

Ferdinand Magellan(1480-1521) was a Portuguese maritime explorer who, while in the service of the Spanish crown, tried to find a westward route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. Magellan's parents died when he was 10, and since his parents were of royal nobility, he became a page to Queen Leonor at the royal court. Little is known about Magellan's background. He was the son of Rui de Magalhaes and wife Alda de Mesquita, but exactly how he is connected to the respective families it is unknown. He was married to Beatriz Barbosa and had two children: Rodrigo de Magalhaes and Carlos de Magalhaes, both of whom died at young age. Magellan made his first experience during the expedition on the sea at the age of 25 in 1505, when he was sent to India to install Francisco de Almeida as the Portugal viceroy. The voyage gave Magellan his first experience of battle when a local king, who had paid tribute to Vasco de Gama three years earlier, refused to pay tribute to Almeida which resulted in the battle of Dui in 1509. His employment with the Portugal crown ended after May 15, 1514. The FLEET: The Spanish Crown's Legacy

1. Trinidad
2. San Antonio
3. Concepcion
4. Santiago
5. Victoria
NOTE: VICTORIA- the sole ship of Magellan's fleet to complete the circumnavigation. Interesting Facts:
I. Rajah Humabon and his wife was the first official Catholic of the Philippines after Magellan's priest baptized them. II. Rajah Humabon was the one who requested Magellan to kill his...
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