Aims and Objectives for a Successful Business

Topics: Want, Need, Time scale Pages: 4 (667 words) Published: February 26, 2014
BTEC First Certificate in Business

Unit 1 Exploring Business Purposes

Aims is something that a business wants to
achieve. The business can set themselves goals
and visions that can help them reach their aims.
In order to achieve your aim you have to
motivate yourself. This can be done by
setting yourselves targets. These are known
as objectives.

By having aims and objectives businesses can set
themselves up and know personally what they want to
achieve from their business and identify what they wan to
get out of their business. Each different type of business
will have different aims and objectives.

Aims are something a business wants to achieve.
Objectives are precise and stay the same
throughout the duration of the business, its
something they will know by the end of the year
etc.. Some people may set an aim before they
even start their business and later come the
objectives. Some businesses may wish to set
themselves a certain amount of money to be
earned. This is called and aim and some people
after achieving their aims might want to take a
new turn in their business.

The SMART technique is a way of setting, monitoring and measuring objectives
so that it is clear to everyone that either progress has been made, action needs
to be taken or the objective has been reached.

Specific objectives are clear and well-defined. This helps both the performer and the manager, as the performer knows what is expected of them and the manager is able to monitor and assess actual performance against the specific objectives. Specific objectives may well include a scope description, which includes details of what is not included.

Progress towards objectives often need to be to be monitored whilst work is under way. It is also very useful to know when that work has been done and the objectives are completed. A measurable objective achieves this end.

When giving objectives, the...
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